Monday, June 3, 2013

El Segundo is Numero Uno

Okay, that's a really lame title.  But today brought me to Main Street and Mariposa in El Segundo, CA and it. Was. Fantastic.  What a beautiful library!  What a lovely strip of old timey beach town charm!   Hooray for the El Segundo Author Fair!

As usual, my tempermental cellphone took blurry photos, so I'm afraid you'll just have to trust me-- it's a lovely little town, only topped by the incredible library staff.  The fabulous Youth Services Librarian, Julie Todd, gifted me an amazing necklace-- it's a book necklace!  Double sided!  ORLEANS and FLYGIRL!  And it matched my outfit perfectly.  She's like a fairy godmother.

We had a fantastic panel on YA in the Adult world, with Jessica Brody, Carrie Arcos, Gretchen McNeil, Jennifer Bosworth and me.  I learned a lot chatting with those ladies.  We all come at our work from different directions but, in the end, hope and adventure are a common ground. 

The El Segundo Library puts on this author fair every June, so do yourself a favor and mark next year's calendar now.  BONUS HINT:  If you go to the neighboring high school (which is bea.ut.if.ul!) you get extra credit for author signatures.  Who wouldn't want that?

Now, back to our previously scheduled rewrite.  Wish me luck!

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